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 One of the main benefits people experience with Deer Velvet Antler supplement is more mobility and less discomfort because of the natural repair and joint cushioning to protect from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. So much unique synergy!

 No where else can you find top proven anti-inflammatory and connective tissue support nutrients

  • Glucosamine Sulfate
  • Collagen Type ll
  • Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Hyaluronic Acid

​all together naturally along with over 390 active ingredients. Add in 12 rejuvenating co-factors for cartilage integrity and to replenish what we lose as we age. Rebuilding co-factors within Antler Velvet include bone, platelet, nerve, transforming, and skin.
 One thing that can not be disputed is the fact that EVA (Elk Velvet Antler) has been safely used for hundreds of years with great success. Elk Velvet Antler is  chemical and synthetic free.  Velvet Antler extract does not bring the harmful side effects that many pharmaceutical drugs have. Don't just mask pain with a quick fix. Find a solution and treat it!​ 

 Arthritis Care 

​​Outlast - Outperform

Learn why Velvet Antler extract is
the most used natural supplement on the planet!

Generations of great results and health

Can be taken long term by Men and Women

More on Arthritis
Reduce fatigue effect
Elevate your Workout

 Red blood cells improve the capacity of blood to carry oxygen to nourish and repair the body. Elk Velvet Antler contains Erythropoietin which improves the rate of production of red blood cells boosting stamina, weakness, and shortage of breath. Velvet Antler has shown to improve endurance and energy. People report a quicker recovery time to resume activities.
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 Velvet Antler supplement is a unique adaptogen that can stimulate the immune system and promote a general sense of well being. An adaptogen is nature's greatest gift. Adaptogens "adapt" their function to meet your body's specific needs to improve immune defense mechanisms and promote a faster healing and recovery period.

 Deer Velvet Antler has an astonishing growth rate. Researchers in South Korea have recently discovered stem cells in Velvet Antler and work on possible benefits used in tissue regeneration.
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Country Gold Elk Velvet Antler
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Elk Velvet Antler was first identified hundreds of years ago for developing strong bones, tendons, muscle strength, and overall wellness. Reports from athletes about shortening repair time post workout and injury, improving aerobic and anaerobic performance, muscle building, as well as studies to back it up.
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​​​​​​The Experts Weigh In
on Velvet Antler

​​April 2018 - Journal of Food & Drug Analysis
Validating Velvet Antler's impressive anti-inflammatory effects without the associated side effects. More here..
Controlling inflammation is critical in our body's response to manage disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, brain and heart diseases, asthma, atherosclerosis, colitis, among others. Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) can cause detrimental side effects. Researchers are studying less toxic anti-inflammatory agents and Velvet Antler consistently produces beneficial results.

Stem Cells discovered in Velvet Antler
Seoul, Korea. Velvet Antler regenerates identical structure yearly. This unique phenomenom and finding now provides endless possibilities for study and possible application.

January 2018 - Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Acute Lung Injury. More here..
​ Velvet Antler providing a protective effect for Acute Lung Injury producing a potent anti-inflammatory effect while enhancing antioxidant presence.

2013 - U.S. National Library of Medicine
 "Both in vitro and in vivo pharmacological studies have demonstrated that deer antler base possess immunomodulatory, anti-cancer,
anti-fatigue, anti-osteoporosis, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-stress, anti-oxidant, hypoglycemic, hematopoietic modulatory activities and the therapeutic effect on mammary hyperplasia."

Dr. Stephen A Centre MD
 "Velvet Antler contains many types of critical growth factors that promote ​cellular ​repair ​and ​regeneration. Velvet Antler also contains a variety of cofactors that help improve mood and energy"
​​-excerpt from "Turn back the Clock with Velvet Antler"

US Food and Drug Administration
 In association with compliant research has reported on Velvet Antler's effectiveness and has allowed the following claim "Elk Velvet Antler provides nutritional support for joint structure and function" Approved indication of the USFDA

Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, MD
 "Velvet Antler contains the missing link to longevity, something just not present in all the promising nutrition programs I have ever worked with. Its growth factors are a significant part of what makes it so special. Growth factors may be the only substances that can retard or even reverse aging."

Dr. Howard Peiper
 "Velvet Antler is truly becoming the health supplement of choice for slowing the aging process and speeding up the old sex drive"
-excerpt from "
The Secrets of Staying Young"

David Wolfe - author
 "Who should take deer antler products? They are recommended for individuals looking to protect their joints, energize the body, increase will power, improve feelings of well being, grow younger, and stimulate the immune system. Deer antler may be used by both men and women and possesses aphrodisiac qualities."
-excerpt from "Longevity Now"

Betty Kamen PhD - author
 "I now know that velvet antler contains a veritable arsenal of nutritional weapons against diseases associated with aging"
​-excerpt from "The Remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler"

​​ Quality Assurance:
  • Health Canada certified natural product 80041148
  • 100% pure Canadian Elk Velvet Antler. No fillers
  • 280 mg / capsule, 60 capsules / bottle
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  • Western medicine is now reporting and studying benefits. Find our Learning Centre for exciting findings and reviews. 

  • Elk Velvet Antler is a renewable resource. Antler Velvet is produced every year.​​​

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