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Benefits today
Elk Velvet Antler pills are known for

arthritis comfort and joint health​
  improved endurance and performance
capacity of blood to carry oxygen
  muscle building​
cellular repair and healing from injury
  decreased effects of aging
​libido and fertility
  faster recovery after surgery
  ​​red blood cell production 
  decreased body fat
  ​increased strength
improved immune activity and metabolism

Enhance Vitality

"Maintain Lean muscle mass and add strength"

​​​​Generations of Success
Western Medicine is discovering the amazing potential for this truly one-of-a-kind natural product!


​​"Unique to Velvet Antler"
A  powerful blend 
of Youth Enhancing natural growth factors paramount for 
cartilage stability and repair

Igf-1, Igf-2

Elk (Deer) Velvet Antler was first identified centuries ago by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a top healing and rejuvenating tonic. Nowadays Elk and Deer Velvet Antler benefits are known as an adaptogen super food because it can normalize body processes and improve the body's response to stress and renewed growth. 

"Take 1 product that is chemical free and effective for arthritis, stamina, and many health healing benefits."

Unmatched nutrient 
Synergy in Velvet Antler 

Collagen Type ll
Glucosamine sulfate
Hyaluronic Acid
Chondroitin Sulfate

Stem Cells
Recent study discovering  stem cells
within Velvet Antler. Elk Velvet Antler is a unique
renewable resource that can regenerate annually.

Elk Velvet Antler is available in

pills and

   36.99     60 capsules    30 days
  33.29   /  bottle (2)      60 days​​
elk antler velvet
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Quality and Expertise

Our Health Canada natural health products certification with Elk Velvet Antler pills ensure you'll get the best quality.

​22 years serving you with Elk and Deer Antler products means that you'll have the benefits of getting the best service and education.
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