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Elk Velvet Antler composition and offering a 90 day guarantee with free shipping. Adding muscle mass

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Health Canada NPN 80041148
Certified Natural Canada Supplement

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Elk Velvet Antler
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All our products come with a simple 

90-day Guarantee

 "-you don't like it, We'll buy it back. No Hassle"

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Enhance Vitality
Country Gold Health Products Corp.
Perry and Lori Ulrich
Box 13a, R.R.5 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada  S7K 3J8
toll free 1.877.356.9630, local 306.373.6561
established 1995
        Generations of Success

Velvet Antler was first identified centuries ago by Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) as a top healing and rejuvenating tonic. Nowadays it is also known as an adaptogen super food because it can normalize body processes and improve the body's response to stress. 

    Today Velvet Antler in used to promote

arthritis comfort
improved endurance
capacity of blood to carry oxygen
muscle buildup
speed up healing from stress and injury
weight management
faster recovery after surgery
red blood cell production 
increased strength
improved immune activity
Maintain Lean
Muscle Mass
& add Strength
  • What does Deer Antler Velvet do?
  • How long does it take to work for my situation?
  • Is it safe? Are there any side effects?

  • What if I need to return this?
  • How do you get the Velvet Antler?
  • Is Deer Antler extract and Elk Velvet Antler powder the same thing? 
  • What is Elk Velveteen?
  • Spray or Powder?
       Which is Best?
"Our Velvet Antler, Your Questions"
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protect and improve joint function
boost recovery rates
Improve regeneration of injured tissue
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Perry and Lori Ulrich
60 capsules - 30 days
2 bottles - 60 days
save 15 percent and more!
best price guarantee
Health Benefits


Pet Care

A Unique Powerful Blend 
of Youth Enhancing natural Growth Factors paramount for 
cartilage stability and repair

Igf-1, Igf-2

Also Velvet Antler has

Collagen Type ll
Glucosamine sulfate
Hyaluronic Acid
Chondroitin Sulfate
valuable nutrients
 working in synergy

cartilage breakdown

Rheumatoid arthritis  
autoimmune disease 
attacks lining of small and larger joints
About CountryGold

All Natural and Effective for
Joint pain, Stamina, and more..

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