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"Can Velvet Antler benefit my Pets?"

Check out the articles from the Veterinary community that explain the value of our product.
   Built-in Rejuvenating Nutrients

  •        Glucosamine Sulfate 
  •        Chondroitin Sulfate
  •        Collagen 
  •        IGF-1 and IGF-2
  •        Essential fatty acids
  •        Brimming with vitamins,    
                 amino acids, enzymes, and

                Remarkable results  

      All in your pet's natural daily supplement
        "More Mobility! - Less Pain!"

  • Decrease hip and back discomfort

  • Aid in the recovery of ligament injuries

  • Rebuild sore and degenerative joints

  • Anti-aging properties

  • Assist combatting Osteoarthritis

  • Promote stronger bones and teeth

  • Aid your pet toward healthy skin and hair coat 

Country Gold Elk Velvet Antler is a nutritional supplement that is recommended for maintaining joints and muscles, building joint cartilage, and for strength and performance.

For Pets!

 Recommended dosage of 15 - 20 mg. per kilogram body weight once or twice daily.

CountryGold  Elk Velvet Antler
A healthy Pet is a Happy Pet!
* 280 mg. per capsule

* 60 capsules per bottle

Premium Chem-Free
Ensure on a proven, certified product
NPN 80041148

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University of Montreal, Canada study showing great improvement with joint mobility, as well as support for immune system, bone health, liver health, red blood cell count, stress, and tolerance for low temperatures. 
Elk Velvet Antler
Bulk Certified Powder
100g Jar with scoop!
EVA bulk powder