Elk Velvet Antler
and Ginseng
may give you
your best health benefits!

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​​​Increase Energy and Vitality

Protect the Body
Prolong Life

Promote Wisdom

The science behind
Ginseng and Elk Velvet Antler

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  first identified Velvet Antler and Ginseng as the most important combination used to replenish Yang energy  and healthy living centuries ago. Now Western Medicine is recognizing the same benefits for an active lifestyle.

Ginseng is well known for it's energy boosting properties.

Over 300 research papers have been presented to support the efficacy, immune system function, and anti oxidant effect of Ginseng.

Elk Velvet Antler and Ginseng are both adaptogens. This means that they both build resistance to stress and boost energy.

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elk velvet antler pills

34.46 / bottle - 1 bottle order (30 days supply)

/ bottle - 2 bottle order (60 days supply )

/ bottle - 3 bottle order (90 days supply)

​All capsules contain a 50/50 mix of these two great products

Elk Velvet Antler contains the natural growth factor

Erythropoietin - responsible for the production and protection of red blood cells. Red Blood Cells improve oxygen delivery to muscles and increase  endurance capacity.
 Velvet Antler has 14 various natural growth factors present to strengthen our body

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