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 The natural treatment assisting arthritis in hands, knees, back, and early muscular degeneration. Benefit to support rebuilding joints.
  Relied upon for generations to boost energy. immunity, and bring balance into life. Now being validated by western science and medicine.
 Want to get back on track quicker by repairing and strengthening bones, ligaments, tendons? Heart, Liver, and healing benefits.
        Experts show you 
 "Not look your Age!" 
Colds, Flus, illness, Stress? Undoubtedly, lessen the severity and frequency by building a strong white cell immune system.
  Country Gold Health    Products Corp.
(established 1995)

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Elk Velvet Antler and Ginseng Supplements
Certified Premium
Unbeatable Quality & Pricing!

"Obviously, you will benefit by being healthier and more attractive at the same time!"
Can you optimize energy, strength, recovery time, oxygen transfer and metabolism to do more reaching that next level?

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Ensure on a
 proven, certified product  
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Discover the 
Health Benefits 
for You

The Synergy of Elk Velvet Antler
Over 380 Active Natural Ingredients

Glucosamine sulfate
Chondroitin sulfate
Type ll Collagen
Hyaluronic acid
(and much more)

Certified Bulk Powder
100g Jar with 250 mg. scoop!
Super Value!
How to Revitalize 
with 100% 
Pure Canadian 
Elk Velvet Antler
An Exciting diversity of 14 Growth Factors
to benefit cartilage cell development

IGF-1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor)
IGF-2 (Insulin like Growth Factor)
and many more!
Elk Velvet Antler and Ginseng
Top Combination
Capture the Unique Natural Advantage