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 The 13 Rejuvenating features that can turn around arthritic pain/ minimize early muscular degeneration, and aid to rebuild joints.
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 Want to get back on track quicker by strengthening bones, ligaments, and tendons? 
"Obviously, be healthier and more attractive at the same time!"
 Are growth factors, nutrient high calcium, all able to restore bone mass and density?  Improve mobility?
      Experts show you                       how-to
 "Not look your Age!" 

 Muscle Recovery Time after Exercise
 Endurance and Energy Level
 Athletic Performance & Strength
 Anerobic Performance
 Metabolism and Weight Loss

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            5 Familiar Skin Troubles

            Liver Rejuvenation

            Protection for the Heart

            Regulate Blood Pressure

            Multiple Sclerosis Benefit

            Chemotherapy Support

            Chemotherapy Effects

             Fibromyalgia Relief
Elk Velvet Antler
(Est. 1995)
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The Synergy of Velvet Antler
Over 380 active natural ingredients
Glucosamine sulfate
Chondroitin sulfate

An exciting diversity of growth factors including
IGF-1, IGF-2, Epidermal, Nerve, Fibroblast, Transforming, Epithelial

What's in Velvet Antler?
#1 Natural Arthritis Protection

 Joints - Ligaments - Cartilage 
and much more!

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  • Certified with approved NPN license 80041148
  • 60 capsules/bottle, 280mg./capsule
Ensure on a
 proven, certified product    NPN 80041148
updated October 21, 2014
"Give yourself the opportunity to improve your health naturally" 

and provide a long term solution!
You Won't Find a Better Value!
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 Velvet Antler product

Colds, Flus, illness, Stress? Undoubtedly, lessen the severity and frequency by building a strong white cell immune system.
Can you optimize energy, strength, and recovery time, oxygen transfer and metabolism to do more and reach that next level?