Natural ​​
Healing and Rejuvenation​​

How does Velvet Antler help accelerate Healing?

Velvet Antler is a unique adaptogen that can stimulate the immune system and promote a general sense of well being. Adaptogens "adapt" their function to meet your body's specific needs to improve defense mechanisms. .
Velvet Antler is safe for long term use.

Some of the Restorative properties
within Velvet Antler

Promotion of tissue healing and cell repair
Alkaline Phosphate 

Regeneration (muscle, nerve, bone ) and cellular repair 
Growth Factors, IGF-1, IGF-2

Retention of joints and serves as a component of articular cartilage
Collagen (cartilage building blocks)

Rebuild (connective tissue) and lubricate joints
Chondroitin sulfate 
Glucosamine sulfate

Restoring cells and increase energy

Transferring more oxygen to assist tissue repair
Erythropoietin: increase red blood cell count and  

Lubrication of joints and moisturize skin
Hyaluronic acid

Building resistance to injuries and fight off disease

Velvet Antler has an astonishing growth rate.
Researchers in South Korea have discovered stem cells in Velvet Antler and work on possible use in 
tissue regeneration .

leg injury

Improve circulation after
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Deer Velvet is poised to be one of the most versatile multipurpose natural remedies to arrive in the West.”
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Healing studies and known uses 

Positive studies showing  effectiveness of preventing bone loss

Velvet Antler has been known to help this immune system disorder

How important are Growth Factors and support for the heart?

Research from the University of Saskatchewan exploring the protective effect of EVA and the promoting of tissue healing.

A dietary supplement that can be beneficial

Identified treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine now being backed up by modern science?

​Chemotherapy support and effects