Longevity,Regeneration and Velvet Antler

"Velvet Antler contains the missing link to longevity, something just not present in all the promising nutrition programs I have ever worked with. Its growth factors are a significant part of what makes it so special. Growth factors may be the only substances that can retard or even reverse aging."

Dr. Michael Rosenbaum, MD ​​

"Velvet Antler contains many types of critical growth factors that promote cellular repair and
regeneration. Velvet Antler also contains a variety of cofactors that help improve mood and energy"

 -excerpt from 
"Turn back the Clock with Velvet Antler"

 Dr. Stephen A Centre MD

"Velvet Antler is truly becoming the health supplement of choice for slowing the aging process and speeding up the old sex drive"

-excerpt from
"The Secrets of Staying Young"

Dr. Howard Peiper

Many others on our publications page including Dr. James Forsythe, Dr. Alex Duarte, and David Wolfe with excellent books on the power of Velvet Antler and youth.​​

Anti-Aging properties discovered within
Elk Velvet Antler

Improve and increase metabolism to assist with leanness and weight control
IGF-1 and IGF-2 Growth Factors
Moisturize skin and valuable component of   connective tissue
Hyaluronic acid ( Nature's moisturizer )
Promote cell regeneration to slow our aging body
 IGF-1 Growth Factor
An abundance of anti-oxidants and protective for
anti- radicals
Set back wrinkling and loss of elasticity of skin
(EGF) Epidermal Growth Factor 
Enhance memory and mental clarity
IGF-1 Growth Factor
Responding to moisten and tighten skin
Smoother skin with fewer blemishes, less age spots
IGF-1 Growth Factor
Increase strength and bone density
IGF-1 and IGF-2 Growth Factors
Improved immune system
     Increase white cell count to fight illness and assist with healing and repair
Lessen muscular atrophy and promote muscular development
IGF-1 Growth Factor
Lower inflammation slowing down the aging process
Glucosamine and Chondroitin