mix elk velvet antler powder in smoothie

100g (3.5 oz.) Jar​​

Antler Velvet Powder Bulk

​​Elk Velvet Antler powder 
easy to take 
or mix with smoothies, 
food, shakes, drinks!

"Bulk Elk Velvet Antler​​​​ powder 
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bulk powder velvet antler jar 100g

100g (3.5 oz.) Jar 
Velvet Powder

is equivalent to...
6 bottles   60 capsule x 280 mg.
7 bottles   60 capsule x 250 mg.
4 bottles   60 capsule x 400 mg.
4 bottles 100 capsule x 250 mg.

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250 mg. small scoop included in jar
4000 mg. larger scoop included in jar

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