13 Velvet Antler FAQS

What about any side effects with Elk Velvet Antler?​​

​​​​ ​​ ​​​​ ​When can I expect results with Country Gold Elk Velvet supplement?​​
  Like a lot of natural products EVA is cumulative. The positive effects develop over time. We would suggest trying for eight - twelve weeks to notice results and continuous usage is important ( * results may vary from person to person.)  All information on our website relates to Pure Antler Velvet in the capsule and bulk powder form.

Can Country Gold be taken with other types of medication?​​

 We have not experienced or found any effects taken with other medication but it is always best to check with your health care provider.

What is the recommended dosage?

 A general Elk Velvet Antler dosage of 1-4 capsules per day is recommended. This is equivalent to 250 -2000 mg/day depending on the size of the Elk Velvet Antler capsule. 500-800 mg. of EVA per day is a normal recommendation. With our 280 mg. per capsule, most people are consuming 2-3 capsules per day taking all capsules first thing in the morning. Many people will take 3 capsules per day (loading phase) for the first 2 weeks and then adjust if needed.

 Within our 100g jars, the smaller scoop holds approximately 250 mg. (just under one capsule)

  Velvet Antler consumption dates back 2000 years as an important tonic taken on it's own or in conjunction with other medicinal remedies. In Korea and China for example, a common dose  consists of 1200 mg/day of sliced dried Velvet Antler placed in boiling water producing a broth soup or tea. It is then filtered and consumed. Some Chinese remedies call for 3000-4500 mg/day Velvet Antler ground powder placed in boiling water and then consuming the liquid. Newer freeze dry processing like CountryGold is using has been able to protect more of the important nutrients found within Elk Velvet Antler.

Does Elk Velvet Antler produce side effects?

  The best part of pure natural Elk Velvet Antler is the fact that it does not produce side effects. Velvet Antler was first identified in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) hundreds of years ago as a powerful health tonic prescribed for many illnesses of all ages. It is still prescribed in S. Korea and China for youth on their first birthday doctor visit to promote normal healthy growth. 

 Velvet Antler can be used long term by both men and women. One recent Canadian study consuming 25x the normal dosage still produced no toxic build up.. Another U.S. study mentioned that the only known side effect was a stomach ache when consumed at very high doses and symptoms disappeared when the dosage was lessened.

 We have not encountered any side effects and this has also been reported with all recent studies. This has been such a great product that we offer our 90 day "no hassle" money back guarantee if you are not happy with it. Ensure on a proven, certified product. Country Gold is certified through Health Canada NPN80041148

 Those who currently have or have suffered from hormone related cancers, such as prostate, breast or ovarian cancers should consult a physician prior to consuming Elk Velvet Antler as it may alter hormone levels. The safety of all supplements is very important with pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children, so consulting with your health provider is recommended.

When should I take my Velvet supplement?

  It is recommended to consume EVA pills in the morning and on an empty stomach preferred.

How does the money back 90 day guarantee work?

 We provide the finest Elk Velvet in the world because it is unsurpassed for testing and quality. We feel that our EVA will benefit you but also offer unconditional returns for worry free purchases because we wish to take away any buying risk on your part.

How can one product address so many needs?
 Velvet Antler is an adaptogen. This means that it is capable of balancing numerous body functions. 14 growth factors have been identified plus over 380 important compounds including collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, prostaglandins, among others. Stem cells have also been identified. The synergy has shown to be amazing. All information on our site pertains to Velvet Antler in powder form found in capsules or bulk powder.

s there a difference between Elk Velvet Antler capsules and Deer Antler Velvet pills?

 Yes. Both Elk and Deer belong to the same cervid family. They both can produce the same outstanding health attributes. However, Canadian elk grow a much larger velvet antler producing a higher quality with active ingredients because of our 4 distinctive seasons in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada. Elk produce a top notch renewable resource every year.  

Do you use the whole Velvet Antler in the pills
​  Absolutely! Velvet Antler provides the greatest range of benefits when all of the components are combined to produce a multitude of biological activity because studies show that Chondroitin Sulfate is found evenly distributed throughout the entire antler. It appears that the sum composition of all of the active ingredients in whole antler out weigh the benefits of individual sections. 

Are there any regulations regarding Elk Velvet Antler?

 Country Gold Elk Velvet Antler has approval from Health Canada with our natural health product licence number to promote some of the benefits of our EVA. Also, the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) assists to provide a safe product. Additional product testing as well is performed at the Health Canada approved processing facility. The facility maintains strict GMP standards. In addition, Country Gold products and samples are tested by an independent lab in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for safety and efficacy. Game farming regulations in Canada are the most stringent in agriculture. All animals have unique Canadian government issued identification tags, and all inventory records are submitted annually. Any deceased animals must have samples submitted for testing.
 Pure natural Elk Velvet Antler in capsule powder form has never been banned (WADA 2014 World Anti-Doping Agency).  All studies here are based on EVA in powder form because we promote a long term wellness plan.

How do you get the Velvet Antler?

​  Velvet Antler is a nutritional supplement and renewable resource. Elk and Deer grow identical antler formation every year. Each year new antler forms and are discarded, falling off on their own and a new antler formation begins (like a new tooth pushing out the old).
 The Velvet Antler is removed in June after 60-70 days growth just before the antler begins to calcify and then falling off. The antler is developing very quickly at this time growing 2-3 centimeters per day. At this time the amount of sunlight is increasing daily as the season stretches out. There is no harm to the animal and strict controls are in place. Elk and deer live a long life free of any of life's stresses on wide open pastures.

 This is the Velvet stage referring to the inner core of the antler where there is an incredible spectrum of biochemical and cellular energy including immune system and cell replication producing cartilage, nerves, and more.
 Scientists continue to study the amazing tissue regenerative qualities within Elk Velvet Antler. Only a few varieties of mushrooms can grow faster! Velvet Antler contains stem cells and growth factors which somehow work in synergy together.

What is Elk Velveteen​?
 Elk Velveteen was a fictional brand name given in a popular A&E television series "Longmire" episode a little while back. We do get the odd enquiry about the TV drama, but there is no connection or relevance to our product.

Why CountryGold?

 You can buy direct so that we can cut out the middle men between us and you. We are members of the Saskatchewan Cervid Alliance. All of their best practices are highlighted here including care for animals, Health Canada certification, information, and fair pricing. Find the best prices here! We have been here since 1995!
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