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Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine
Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine

 2014 Professor HUO Yu-shu points out Velvet Antler's molecular biology and future role with regenerative medicine, trauma medicine, growth factor research, anti-inflammatory treatment, organ degeneration, and dysplasia.​​
Anti aging cures book featuring Elk Velvet Antler
Anti-Aging Cures - Life changing secrets to reverse the effects of aging

2012 Author Dr. James Forsythe explains the important positives of Deer Antler, with research and studies into the fountain of youth and slowing down the aging process.
longevity now book with David Wolfe and Deer Antler Velvet
Longevity Now 

2013 Author David Wolfe writes: "Who should take deer antler products? They are recommended for individuals looking to protect their joints, energize the body, increase will power, improve feelings of well being, grow younger, and stimulate the immune system. Deer antler may be used by both men and women and possesses aphrodisiac qualities."
Thr secrets of staying young book
The Secrets of Staying Young

Authors Written by Nina Anderson and Dr. Howard Peiper discuss turning back the clock with the research and benefits of Deer Velvet with the anti-aging properties it possesses.
Velvet Deer Antler anti aging book highlighting Deer Velvet Antler
Velvet Deer Antler -The Ultimate Antiaging Supplement

 2000 Author Dr. Alex Duarte goes in depth to review the merits and studies of this amazing natural supplement.
Nature's anti aging solution  and Deer antler book
Nature's Anti-Aging Solution

Author Stephen A. Center M.D. offers valuable information on anti-aging and growth-promoting benefits without the negative side effects.
The remarkable healing power of Velvet Antler book
The Remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler

 Authors Dr. Betty Kamen and Paul Kamen have a complete look at benefits of Elk Velvet Antler powder including the anti-aging properties, the boosting of the immune system, and the healing of injuries. Our bodies can repair themselves safely without harmful side effects and employing the proper attention.​
Velvet Antler, Nature's superior tonic book
Nature's Superior's Tonic

 Author Alison Davidson.  Nature's Supplement for an active lifestyle.  Discussion on improved athletic performance without the side effects of this remarkable safe product. In addition the improved speed up recovery times, joint pain and healing by providing the building blocks for healthy cartilage.
Velvet Antler, a gift of nature book
​​A Gift of Nature

Authors Cindy Ewashkiw D.T. & Marion Allen Ph.D., R.N. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada write: "Age Old Tradition, backed by compelling scientific evidence, supports using EVA supplement to increase energy and stamina, boost the immune system, decrease inflammation, and slow the aging process." Highlighting arthritis care and increased bone density are both important topics covered.
Velvet Antler benefits pdf
Velvet Antler  (pdf)

Author Alison Davidson-Powerful tonic for joints, infertility, blood pressure, athletic performance, including strength, stamina, and more. A very thorough compilation of major findings and promising research.